Jake Baddeley

Fine Art Painter & Sculptor

Drawing Down the Moon

Home » inspiration Drawing Down the Moon Art does not have to make sense. Art fills the space left by the rational mind and completes it. Jake Baddeley Drawing Down the Moon Although I usually sketch in a dreamlike state, uncritically following where the composition...

Dream Flight

Home » inspiration Dream Flight Dream Flight If a painting was a dream you might be able to interpret it as if it was a message from the unconscious. I am not a writer but a painter – but few people speak paint – so I will try and translate, although this...


Home » inspiration Threshold Threshold 3 – Transitions, translations, transformations Although I usually sketch in a dreamlike state, uncritically following where the composition leads, it is often interesting and illuminating to interpret the image...

The Goddess

Home » inspiration The Goddess The Goddess – Divine Femininity Over the years a recurring theme in my work has been the Goddess. The divine feminine. It seems to be something that is making a comeback. Many years ago it was popular amongst our ancestors who...

The Archetype in Art

Home » inspiration The Archetype in Art “The shapes of beauty haunting our moments of inspiration are a people older than the world, citizens of eternity, appearing and reappearing in the minds of artists and poets….symbols, blossoms as it were growing from immortal...


Home » inspiration Inspiration Whispers from the beyond – my thoughts on Inspiration in art Inspiration: what is the source of that well of joy drawn on famously by poets, painters and musicians? Inspiration is literally ‘to breathe in’, by...
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