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My Favourite Hiding Place

My Favourite Hiding Place

Some paintings don’t speak. They don’t have “a story” to tell. There is no “meaning in the art”.
Is that allowed? Is it okay that I can sit down conceive and execute a a well crafted work of art, frame it, hang it on the wall and not know what I have made or why I made it?
No really, I am speechless… Is that because there are no words for it or because I have no idea what I am doing ?
Yet I did it again. I let it happen. I trusted the “process”.
There must be things to say about my painting. After all, I made it and people are aways talking about art, right?
But here there is no reason or rhyme.
This painting wants to be silent. Wordless. Story-less.
I painted this not because I have some thing to say, but because i want to share a feeling.
Somehow this feeling is evoked by the form, the colour, the light. When I paint, I am lost in this feeling. Somehow this feeling gets into the paint.
I love to be in this place, this wordless empty space where paint becomes light, becomes something else.
This is my favourite hiding place.

Jake Baddeley


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Jake Baddeley - My favourite hiding place - 55 x 50 cm - oil on wood - 2020

My Favourite Hiding Place – oil on canvas – 55 x 50 cm – available for purchase

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