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Sagittarius is an original oil painting on canvas from the Zodiac Series by Jake Baddeley.

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Sagittarius - (November 22 - December 21)

Classical legend claims that the Greek Centaur Chiron placed Sagittarius in the heavens to guide the Argonauts in their expedition through Colchis.

The symbolism connected to Sagittarius is very ancient. Cuneiform inscriptions found in Mesopotamia refer to Sagittarius as ‘The Strong One’, the ‘Giant King of War’ and mention him under the guardianship of Nergal, whom the Mesopotamians identified with Mars.

The inherently aggressive nature of Sagittarius seems to have been largely forgotten today through its association with the more idealistic attributes. Sagittarians are choleric in their temperament and are known for their exuberance and extroversion. The volatile influence of Mars can set their fiery light ablaze. In this work it is the striving, goal orientated aspect that I haves focused upon, showing the rider aiming her arrows at a heavenly target.






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