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Cancer is an original painting (oil paint on canvas) from the Zodiac series by Jake Baddeley – only one available.
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CANCER - The Golden Gate (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer marks a very special place in the heavens. It rises at the time of the summer solstice one of the four major divisions of the year. Together with the line created by the path of the sun, the ecliptic, this creates a cross, marking the position of a gate through which new souls pass and descend to earth as they are incarnated. This is called the golden gate. This aspect of Cancer also explains the meaning of the Twins who precede Cancer in the zodiac, and who typically were represented as warriors with a bow and mace, as they guard the gate against demons. At the other side of the sky during the winter solstice, Capricorn rises and marks in the same way the silver gate where departed souls would return to heaven. Here Jake Baddeley has depicted the Golden Gate holding the sign of Cancer.

Cancer's main personality types are instinctive and emotional they are known for their remarkable psychic sensitivity and receptiveness to emotional impressions. This is widely accepted as one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac and there is usually a marked interest in the occult, a vivid recollection of powerful dreams, and strong symbolic appreciation.

Cancer is an original painting (oil paint on canvas) by Jake Baddeley - only one available.






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