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The Muse

The Muse - chalk on paper - 65 x 50 cm - 2018

Jake Baddeley – The Muse – chalk on paper – 65 x 50 cm – 2018 – check availability

The Muse, the traditional dispenser of inspiration, is a concept that has come down to us from classical times. In this rendition she has a rather terrifying aspect: she is both the slayer of heroes and the succour of the bereaved. The two masks complete her traditional tripartite aspect, a tradition that has been associated with the Great Goddess for thousands of years. In her hair are the snakes of Medusa, who represented the dark aspect of the triple Goddess.

I had great fun with the composition. It has an interlocked quality, fitting the figures in front and behind of eachother weaving a whole from many diverse parts. This is a trick I learnt from  studying the work of Gustav Klimt.

Jake Baddeley


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