About the Zodiac Series

Art informed by myth and myth formed by art

This series is based on an ancient theme, one known to perhaps all cultures and societies around the world. The details may differ from country to country and from age to age but the form is still the same - the constellations that surround the path of the sun, seen as animals and symbols. This theme is one that artists and poets have interpreted for thousands of years. Art informed by myth and myth formed by art.

The zodiac began as both a science-astronomy and a mystical form of divination-astrology, both of which are still used today. As my work incorporates an idiosyncratic form of symbolism, as well as myth, this is a perfect theme with which I can exercise my imagination without departing from my own style too much.

The aim is to incorporate, as authentic as possible, a traditional interpretation, both mythically and pictorially, of the astronomic and astrologic aspects of the constellations. In other words one should be able to find in the work, both a recognisable constellation, as it would be seen in the sky, as well as attributes of the personality type associated with it.

This entailed a thorough investigation into all the elements that comprise the zodiac, including myths, star charts, astrology texts and accounts of the origins of zodiac, in order to distil what might have been an original meaning. 

This approach contrasts sharply with that of many contemporary artists who seem to disregard tradition completely and rely solely on artistic freedom. This I feel is a shame, as future generations, which rely on what we do as we rely on the artists of the past, will have lost any connection to what the zodiac was meant to be.

Jake Baddeley